Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Learn English And Travel The World

Have you always wanted to travel the world? Almost every individual has this desire to travel but some of them hesitate at the thought of travelling to English-speakingcountries. A lot of people have this hesitation that is not unfounded. It can be quite nerve-racking to travel to a foreign country that you have never ever been to with very little knowledge of their language. It can be quite a challenge to communicate while getting around the city if you know very few English words.

If you want to travel to all parts of the world and experience various cultures then you should start by trying to learn English. You can learn English by taking lessons from a native English speaker. By taking English lessons, you will be able to learn how to speak the language well. This way, when you finally travel to a foreign country you can communicate in English really well.

It can be very frustrating to get lost in a foreign country and have a hard time asking for directions from the locals just because you cannot communicate well in English. It is just not possible to ask for directions to the museum by making hand gestures. The locals may lose patience with you and just walk away or maybe even think you are crazy. When you learn English you can read all the English street signs very well so there might not even be any need for you to ask for directions from the locals. This is nthe reason why it is important to learning English if you want to travel all over the world.

Even if you travel to other countries that do not have English as their native language, being able to speak well in English can still be very useful. After all it is not possible to force yourself to learn the native language of all the countries that you wish to visit. This can take years and years to accomplish. If you learn English then that should be more than adequate to get you through your travels all over the world. This is because English is a universal language. Even if you travel to a non-English speaking country there is still bound to be a few locals that you will meet along the way that can speak English fluently. If you ever need directions then you can just ask around for some locals or fellow tourists who can speak English as well as you do. One way to learn English is by Skype with a native speaker. For more details visit our link.

By : Rodney Marsh

Monday, 8 October 2012

Get Paid to Travel the World – and Never Hold a Job - travel magazine, travel guides

Who wouldn't want a fun job that involves traveling to different beautiful locations?
The allure of travel is a great incentive. Most people would give up their careers just to get such jobs. They are categorized as travel jobs and nowadays, they are some of the most sought after careers.

A good number of travel job positions are, for a lot of reasons, very competitive. Therefore, if you want to land one, you must improve your qualifications and have an impressive resume. Fortunately, there are other kinds of travel jobs that do not require too much education. Sometimes, your enthusiasm and determination is enough to get you hired.

Some travel jobs rely on skills and resourcefulness. Travel can be a resource for businesses. You can use your trips to make or find products that you can sell; the journey can be used for inspiration to create writings that anyone can utilize as a marketing tool to generate sales.

In any form, travel jobs are generally fun. Now if you want one, consider these examples. Maybe you have what it takes to become successful in these careers.

Fun Travel Job #1: Cruise Ship Employee

Working on cruise liners lets you travel to different tourist destinations. The environment is full of fun and amusement and you can also meet a lot of interesting and beautiful people.
Cruise Liners offer plenty of jobs. In fact, they have a lot of positions to fill because cruise ships have so many areas of responsibility and they offer countless of services to on board patrons.
If you have adequate skills in a particular field, you can try your luck and apply to a cruise company. Just be sure that you have good people skills and great enthusiasm. Entry level jobs are relatively easy to get but they may only have satisfactory compensation. Low level jobs may have meager salaries but you can get tips especially if you are constantly in contact with vacationing clients. Vacationers are usually generous and always in a good mood.
You can climb up the career ladder quickly if your work performance is excellent and beyond expectations.

Fun Travel Job #2: Travel and Tour Organizer/Guide

Do you like to lead group travels? Be a travel organizer/guide. The job is fun and easy especially for persons with the penchant for traveling and organizing.
People skills are required along with a vast knowledge of history, geography, and arts to some extent. You will be educating people on the journey while making their experience enjoyable and worthwhile. As a guide, you must be prepared for any unforeseen events and must be able to carry out contingency plans with confidence and calm demeanor.
You can become affiliated with an agency or work as a freelancer or as a contractor. Tips and bonuses from clients is also a common occurrence.

Fun Travel Job #3: Travel Photographer

Traveling offers a lot of scenic view and cultural activities which translate into excellent photo opportunities. If you have the skills and equipment to capture beautiful pictures, you can become a travel photographer and earn money for every snapshot you make.
You can sell photos online or simply get hired by interested businesses. Publishers of travel magazines and newspapers are the usual buyers but some business establishments like hotels and resorts may be in need of your service.

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By : Rajat Leblanc Singh

Saturday, 6 October 2012

How to Travel the World for Only $1,000 a Month

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

Do you believe that it's expensive to travel? Have you ever excitedly looked over a glossy brochure of your dream vacation, only to discover that it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars for a single 10 day vacation?

If this has happened to you, I can understand. I too would dream about traveling the world, but get disenhearted when I saw those expensive price tags placed on travel.

But I have learned that travel is NOT expensive. You see, travel agencies want you to believe that it costs a LOT of money to travel. That way they can jack-up the prices of tours to earn a bigger commission for themselves. They want you to think that you must have money, a lot of money, to be able to travel.

This kind of thinking does not help the majority of us. It distances us from our dreams.

A fact that most people don't realize, is that world travel can be down-right cheap. It can actually be cheaper, a lot cheaper, than staying at home.

It amuses me that travel agencies try to SELL travel. They try to get you to pay for things that you can do all by yourself. They try to keep this a secret, but -

You Don't Need Them.

What do people do when they travel anyway? They get a place to sleep, eat, use transportation systems and spend money on entertainment and a few miscellaneous things like laundry, clothes and souvenirs.

What do you do at home? You pay the rent, buy your food (and sometimes go out to eat), you drive or use the bus, and you spend money on entertainment and a few miscellaneous things like cable and utilities.

Travel costs are really the same damn thing as staying at home; the big difference is that you'll be seeing and doing a lot of different things.

Let me ask you this: If I were to offer you a place to stay in your home-town, meals, entertainment for you of my choosing, and have a strictly scheduled shuttle-bus that takes you where I want you to go and when, and I'll only charge you $10,000 a month for the BASIC package, would you accept it?

Not only would you not accept it, but you'd


So why do travelers consistently do this very-same thing? Why do they pay travel agencies a ton of money for the very things they can do all by themselves, for a lot cheaper, and for a lot more freedom and flexibility?

World travel is not expensive at all if you know how to do it. It is easily possible to travel the world for only $1,000 a month or less; that's only about $33 a day.

How much do you spend on a normal day at home?

Here is an example of a single-person's average monthly expenses in the United States (this is a modest estimate):

Rent: $800 a month

Food: $300

Transportation (gas, insurance): $400

Utilities (phone, internet, electricity, water, cable): $300

Entertainment: $300

Misc. (clothes, gifts, doctor bills): $400

Total: $2,500

Now let's sum-up the average monthly costs of world travel (when you know how to do it):

Hotels: $300

Food: $150

Transportation: $300

Utilities: $0.00

Entertainment/Site-Seeing: $200

Misc. (internet cafes, souvenirs, clothes): $50

Total: $1,000

Let's break this down by day:

Hotel: $10

Food: $5

Transportation: $10

Entertainment/Site-Seeing: $6.67

Misc.: $1.67

Daily total: $33.34 USD

World travel costs less than staying at home, and offers a lot more freedom.

I'm sure you're thinking that I am grossly under-estimating travel costs. But actually, the expenses above can be a LOT cheaper.

Did you know that in some countries you can book a three- star hotel for $10? Or that you can get comfortable accommodation for as low as $0.50 to $6.00 per night? Are you aware of the tens of thousands of people across the globe that invite travelers to stay at their homes - for free?

How about food? Full-blown buffets are offered for $0.50. Lunches with soup, the main course, a soda and dessert can be had for $1.50. Some companies will even pay you to dine at their restaurants!

Transportation? How about taxis that go anywhere in the city for $2. Inter-country buses for $20 to $50. Or international flights at 80% off?

By balancing your travels with expensive countries and cheap countries, your average travel costs can be just $1,000 a month or less.

Remember, people actually live in the countries that are foreign to you. In some countries the average monthly wage is only $150 - but it is enough to live on.

If they're not paying thousands and thousands of dollars a month to be where they are, then why should you?

In many places, with just $1,000 a month to spend, far from living like a pauper, you'll be living like a king.

By : Thomas Carroll

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Enjoy Traveling the World 10 Minutes at a Time

Everyone dreams of being able to travel around the world. However, we all do not always have the option to enjoy this type of travel. Travel is a wonderful way to learn new things about the world. The more you can travel, the more likely you will have an opportunity to learn about different cultures, societies, and ideals.

To be successful in your travels require some help. Many websites are dedicated to helping those who wish to world travel. You can learn from the experiences of other travelers so that you do not make the same mistakes they may have. Learn tips to help enhance your trip. Imagine if you could create a special database of facts that you could rely on each time you make plans to travel. Enjoy the benefits of traveling without the hassles that most people have to deal with. In just ten minutes, you can learn a great deal that will help you travel more efficiently and safely.

If you have ten minutes to spare during a break, you can check out what 10minutetravel has to offer. In less time than most people take for a break, you can learn some interesting facts about any place you might be interested in learning about. Pictures and special information that most people do not know about an intended location are provided on this site. You can read articles from people who have actually been to the place you want to go. Some history about the location you want to visit is also provided.

If you are one of those who just enjoy visiting places from a distance, you can still enjoy it all from the safety of your computer. Pictures, videos, and important information are provided to allow you the best chance of learning what you need to know to enjoy traveling (whether it is virtual or physical) the world.

By : Aren Williams

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Worldwide Travel - Travel the whole world

Worldwide travel is the dream of everyone who loves traveling, but due to high prices of airlines and expensive airfares it is not possible for everyone. Traveling is the most relaxing activity which refreshes and recharges you. Traveling is full of fun, excitement and adventure. There are approx 193 countries in this world where you can travel. Each has its own culture, religion, tradition and lifestyle.

Due to availability of cheap airfares and low cost flights, a worldwide travel has now become possible. Large numbers of airlines are offering low airfares for your travel. Now, you can travel to destination at any corner of the globe. You just need to choose the destination, where you wish to travel. You can travel for holidays, studies, honeymoons and business trips.

For your air travel, you need to search for the best airlines with which you can travel. For this you need to get the information regarding all this. You can take the help of internet, which will give you hundreds of options. There you will find many travel and tour operators providing all the facilities for your travel. These companies will help you to find cheap flights, discount flights, packages and various other similar services.

The famous destinations for holidays are Australia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Cape Town, India, Thailand, Mauritius, Goa, Malaysia, Manila and many others. Take the cheap flights, cheap packages, travel insurances, car hire, etc., for your travel to the destinations worldwide.

Avoid peak season travel to any destination which you are traveling. You will get all the information on the internet, about the place, its people, culture, food, etc. You can take discount flights, long haul flights, and cheap flights for your air travel. Travel the whole world, by taking advantages of cheap flights and low airfares. A cheap flight doesn't mean low grade flights, but it means flights with low airfares and low prices.

Visiting different destination every time will be a learning experience. When you explore different destinations, you will come to know various things about that place, people, language, food habits, lifestyle and various other things.

By : Jack Smith