Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kenya Travel - The Awesome Travel Attractions Worth Visiting in Kenya

The 580,367km2, Kenya is one of the best tourism destinations in Africa. When tourism is at peak, over 1.8 million foreign tourists visit yearly. These visitors are the country's most significant earner of foreign cash. Though, Kenya has numerous tourists' attractions to offer, but there are a few hot destinations which are worth visiting and unique from all others.

Hosting to one of the the seventh wonder of the world, the 1530km2 Maasai Mara National reserve from July plus November hosts the world well-known wildebeest's migration spectacle. As this place is quite noisy, where you will get amazed to see the Mara River infested with large number of crocodiles, visitors from across the world pitch their camps nearby the crossing limit in hope for days get a view of these crocodiles.

The Maasai Mara has got all the "Big Five" creatures that is, the elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion plus the rhino. Mara River and Esoit Oloololo are the best places where you can view them. Tour firms also offer hot air balloon tours for visitors to enjoy the natural proceedings of the grassy open plains, from birds eye view.

In the Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is yet another attraction for tourists as this place is known for hot springs and geyser that give up lovely water fountains with 37 degree hot. The saline spring waters are believed to be extremely helpful for the skin. This location can surely be a wonderful picnic spot as there is not much traffic of tourists here. Hippos plus gazelles make up part of the wild there as well as 135 bird species which usually comprise millions of migratory lesser flamingos that nourish themselves on the algae of the 10m deep lake.

Along the Indian Ocean waters, Mombasa is regarded for its sandy seashores, aqua green waters plus good sun. You can visit this place any time of the year as here the weather is warm for almost the whole year. For historians, Mombasa is home to Lamu, the old town, the Gedi ruins plus Fort Jesus. These sites reflect Mombasa's rich age-old historical past.

The undersea Indian Ocean coral reef paradise teems with unique beautiful fish breeds. Dhow travels are given to travelers wanting to get the feel of old maritime ocean travels.

the Nairobi National Park, which has an area of 117 km and 2 m is just 7 km from the City Centre, and this park is popular for bordering the city. Among the "Big Five" animals, its mainly the elephant that is missing in this Savannah environment. It's the ideal destination for visitors on stop over. It is where the David Sheldrick trust sanctuary that nurtures small orphaned rhinos plus elephants. The park has over 80 mammal species and 400 diverse bird species. The park is best for family excursions, bush dinners, picnics, team building exercises plus marriage ceremony.

o explore Kenya's historic past, you should surely visit the Nairobi National Museum which displays the antique handicrafts and art work. It is home to the botanical gardens where unique plant species are grown. This may include those with therapeutic properties plus ornamental plants plus natural herbs that are grown. The Nairobi Snake Park is the most amazing destinations as all the tourists come here to have a thrilling experience of various poisonous snakes cobras, African Rock Python, Mambas and many more. Coral fishes American alligators plus crocodiles are taken care of in the museum's aquariums.

By : Jamie Hanson