Friday, 17 August 2012

The Direct Train From Delhi

The Direct Train from Delhi which begins at 5'o clock in the morning takes you to the Centre of India - Bhopal. From the railway station we take you to the Hotel where the food of your choice will be served as Dinner. The night is at your disposal. In the morning after the refreshing Breakfast, we leave off for Khajuraho. The Morning Breakfast will be served early, so that we can leave by 9 a.m. It will be 12 0'clock in the afternoon by the time we will reach Khajuraho.

Khajuraho, the UNESCO World Heritage Site depicts the 22 live Temple made by the Chandelas in the 10th and 12th Century. It took 100 years to make these beautiful Temples of the Shikhara Temple Styles. Take a round around these and see the engraved rock - cut architecture of these temples. With all the beautiful surroundings, the Khajuraho Temples are a marvel to see.

Your night stay will be here in the 5 star Hotel / 4 star hotel near the Khajuraho Temple. Dinner with the Inter - Continental Dishes will be served in the Hotel. The morning shall see you at the Khajuraho Airport from where you shall be deported to the Pink City of Rajasthan.

Day 3:

As soon as you reach, the cab outside the Airport will be waiting to take you to the Hotel. After the Traditional Welcome of Tilak and Phoolmala (Garland ), you will be shown off to your room. After a little refreshment we will take you to a city tour with the round about of the Lake Palace. This Palace known for the Bird Shooting and its five levels under the water, is a well known destination of Jaipur - the Pink City of Rajasthan. In the evening you can shop at the local markets of Jaipur or just roam around. If you wish to shop, then look for Rajasthani Shoes called Mojaris or the Ghaghra Choli. After this we shall take you to the most famous Man Made Village of Jaipur called Choki Dhani. Enjoy the Rajasthani Culture among the fireworks, camel ride and the rajasthani delicacies. Its one of the best experiences you will have. The night will be spent here in the nice and cosy air - conditioned huts of Choki Dhani.

Day 4:

After the breakfast the say bye to the Choki Dhani and set afoot on the luxury coach to see the other attractions of Jaipur City. First of all we shall take you to the most famous Palace of Jaipur - the Hawa Mahal/ Wind Palace. With thousands of Jalis in the Honeycomb style, it is famous for its brilliant architecture. Painted in dark pink it also houses the museum containing the relics of the Queen and the King.

From here we move to the place where the Rotating Hotel is present. Both a famous hotel and a popular market, it has what the Jaipur Sells as the Blue Pottery. In addition to the Blue Pottery, you can shop for the Rajasthani Silver Jewellery, Artificial Jewellery, Meena Ka Kaam and Mojaris.

After the lunch in a good hotel which serves the Multi Cuisine we move on to the City Palace. Known for its beautiful grounds and the combination of red and creme color; see the Kings and Queens Palace. The Queens Palace known as the Chandni Mahal is inside the City Palace. With enough ground for the courtiers and various functions, it is painted with the beautiful paintings of gold and dark blue. Green too has been added in some places.

The City Palaces arranges for the Dinner in a Royal Manner. T o give you a feeling how the Kings and Queens used to have dinner in the old days, we have arranged for your dinner here. Enjoy the Royal Feast!
The night shall be spent in your Hotel.

Day 5:

The new day shall see you hopping on the Train towards Jaisalmer. Known for the sand dunes, its a perfect place for a new adventure. The lunch shall be served on board.

You shall set off for the Sand Dunes in the Evening after light refreshments. Then here you are, in the Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer. With the vast stretch of the Sand and the Camels with you, it will be a different experience. Spend the night listening to the folk songs and dancing to the Rajasthani Tunes as the food is being prepared here. The Tents shall furnish for the night. The morning shall see you back with the Guide.

Day 6:

After a heavy breakfast and refreshment we shall take you to Barmer - the City of Palaces. Open your eyes to one of the many beautiful Palaces of Barmer. Each Palace has its own uniqueness. So here you shall be, walking from one corridor to another, watching the beautiful paintings and the surroundings - spending your entire half day at leisure. The next day too, shall be your rest day. You can spend your day as per your wish - either watching the city or playing the Golf else resting the entire day enjoying the life of a Palace - the choice is your. The Dinner shall be a lavish Rajasthani Feast with cuisine of Dal Bati Choorma, Papadi Dal, Gatte Ki Sabzee, Methi Paak, Bajre Ki Roti, Moong ka Halwa, Dry Fruit Chutney and so on....

Day 7:

The next morning after the breakfast you can see the Barmer city and can do a little shopping. In the afternoon after the lunch, we shall go ahead for another beautiful Destination - Agra. By the evening you will reach Agra. The night stay shall be at another good Hotel of the City.

Day 8:

The breakfast will be served in the Hall. A lavish Breakfast of the Uttar Pradesh shall be served in the morning / or as per your taste. After the breakfast, hop on the A/C Coach to see the building which comes under the Seven Wonders of the World - The Taj Mahal. Made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his Beloved Queen Noorjahan, this architectural Marvel stands here from 1700 A.D. After a good watch we will move to the Agra Fort. The third largest fort of the Country, the Agra Fort is the place from where Shah Jahan used to watch Taj Mahal in his seclusion. With a private Mosque, its a beauty undaunted.

After the lunch in the hotel you are at your ease to take a Guided Tour of the City. The Dinner Shall be served in the Hotel.

Day 10:

Next morning after the breakfast you will be in the Capital of India - Delhi. Keep your bags in the Hotel, as the day would be spent at seeing the marvels of the Capital.

The first place we will see is the Raj ghat. The last place of the Father of the Nation, Raj Ghat comes as a quiet place. From here we shall go to the Red Fort of Delhi. Beautiful and large, it will take at least two hours of yours. Near to the Red Fort is the famous market of Delhi - Chandni Chowk. Shop here till your pockets are empty as its famous for its traditional indian dresses. Eat the chaat and drink the lemon here.

In the evening you can see the Lotus Temple. Made in the Shape of a Lotus, this Baih Temple is also a Meditation Centre. The dinner will be at the Hotel.

Day 11:

After a refreshing Breakfast we will take you to Qutub Minar. This leaning Minar, still stands today as the Architectural Marvel. Take a round of the Minar and then hop on to see the Akshardham Temple. This Huge Temple spread in 100 acres of area, is the beautiful example of the Hindu Architecture.

Spend your evening in the Cannaught Place Market - the most sought after shopping market of delhi for Souvenirs. In C.P. Shop for Kashmiri Papiermache, Pashmina Shawls, Indian Sarees, Ghagra Cholis, Artifact s, Paintings and so on..... You can spend the time here at your leisure and have dinner in the good hotels of Connaught Place. Our Coach shall take you back to the hotel in the night.

By : Rafael Chumbe