Thursday, 20 September 2012

While Traveling the World Avoiding Problems Is Simply Hard

People tend to pack a lot of unnecessary stuff when preparing to travel somewhere. Not only that your bags will get heavier and you'll end up paying for extra luggage but you could also get arrested and not knowing why.
First of all, take your time to consult the list of prohibited items in the country you are about to visit. For safety issues some common items are prohibited almost everywhere in the world. Even if you care for your own safety don't think about taking weapons with you or you'll end up having to go back home.

Also anything that might cause suspicions like gun-shaped lighters or toys, metal forks, knives, razors, hammers, scissors are prohibited. For sure you'll find some to buy in the country you'll spend your holiday. If you plan to practice sports there, you should know that baseball bats or golf clubs are on the "absolutely not" lists in airports for your handbag. Not to mention lighter fluids or fireworks.

Also you have to know that other items like liquids, gel products, shampoos, sun screen, creams, toothpaste in small amounts can be taken normally on planes but only if stored in transparent food bags.

Odd as it might seem in some countries you are not allowed to take vegetables or fruits with you. Citrus fruits, pome fruits, stone fruits, tropical or temperate fruits, berry fruits, beans, potatoes, garlic, onion, shallots are for example prohibited in South Australia. Fruits and veggies that are allowed there include coffee berry, pineapples and olives.
Anything you pack should be verifiable, not wrapped in gift paper.

Even if you have to take two flights to get where you want to, you should know that some items you were allowed to take in the first plane could be strictly forbidden in the second one. So you'd better consult the lists of the airline and keep your bag as simple as you can.

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